5 Feminine Inspired Ideas Using Modern Interior Design Trends

Are those baby birds chirping I hear off in the distance? Do I spy all the happy poppies poppin’? Are my allergies acting up? Yep! Spring is totally upon us. Time for a refresh! In this post I’ll cover 5 simple ways to use 2022 interior design trends ideas on how to get an unapologetic feminine vibe in your space. Check them out below!

1. Pink Power

If you are looking to add a feminine touch to a room or space, paint is a great way to change the look and feel without spending a lot because it is something you can do yourself as well as paint being one of the lowest cost materials to use per square footage. Before painting, make sure to clean the surface and remove any old paint or wallpaper. Painting is a messy process, so be prepared for a little bit of chaos. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you out. Or you can hire a pro. The 2022 interior design trend for paint suggests softer, muted, whispery shades and I listed a few for you to sample. All paints are by Sherwin Williams, my go to for paint.

2. Graphical Wall Tile

Another 2022 interior design trend for tile, features graphical imagery. Beautiful floral images or with rounded amorphous shapes are my top choice for giving a space a feminine vibe. With today’s technology, manufacturers are creating graphics that were, in the past, very expensive to manufacture. These can be used as a backsplash in a bathroom, ktichen, bar area, or a commercial space like a beauty salon. In the graphic I created, I suggested tile from these vendors:

3. Modern Wall Paper

Did you know wallpaper could be so pretty? Wall paper is a great way to add color, energy and graphic art to your space… Gorgeous, feminine wallpaper. Go bold and do an entire room, or just an accent wall. Here’s the pretty wallpaper source list:

4. Curvy Furniture

Show off those curves! One of the biggest 2022 interior design trends I noticed is many furnishing manufacturers are nixing hard geometric lines of the past for soft, curvy pieces. From chairs, sofas, and tables- curvy and round and feminine is it and I’m here for it!

this beautiful examples is from: www.apt2b.com

Feminine Inspired Living Room Moodboard

As promised, here is the moodboard I created for a beautiful and comfortable feminine inspired living room.  This is a shoppable board with designer only products however, because of the networks I’ve built these items can be purchased through my site should you wish to buy direct! Enjoy! 

5. Dichroic and Iridescent Color

So I’m not going to lie- I slipped this one into the interior design trends mix. Why? Because dichroic film is my new favorite color. You want feminine, ethereal, and futuristic? Look no more. I created a fun board featuring some products below:

Thank you

With the many things we can’t control in our lives that may feel chaotic and uncertain, bringing in positivity and good vibes into our physical environments really makes a world of difference in our hearts and minds. Give your soul a mental break from it all and utilize some of these 2022 interior design trends to give you and your space a little lift. We are still here, and we can still thrive and handle it all with divinely feminine grace. Thank you for spending time here today! If you would like to learn more about me and my story, click here. Til next time, my best…

xoxo Lisette

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