77 Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you stuck in a rut looking for some inspiring bathroom design ideas when it comes to renovating your bathroom? Well, the universe has brought you to the right place! In this blog post, I will showcase and celebrate 77 beautiful and fun bathroom ideas. From sleek and modern designs to cozy and relaxing spaces, I have got you covered. So whether you are looking to completely renovate your bathroom or just give it a little facelift, be sure to browse through these stunning photos!

1. Get Lit

Don’t get caught in bad lighting! A simple and easy way to better than basic lighting can include recessed cans, sconces, pendants or a chandelier, or fancy cove lighting. Please follow your states’ guidelines in terms of putting a chandelier over a bathtub. I know it looks gorgeous, but safety first!

2. All Stone Everything

Natural Stone dominates materiality here, simplifying the design process and making a huge statement. If you’re budget does not allow for natural stone, manufacturers are creating large format panels of ceramic tile with the most realistic and gorgeous stone visual. Retail stores that come to mind offering these types of panels are DalTile and Bedrosians Tile.

3. Iridescent Tile

Iridescent tile is soft, ethereal and futuristic. If you think outside the box and live for unique elements in your space these are for you! Sources of where you may find collections are linked below.

4. Color Your Sink

This bathroom design idea is a huge trend I’m spotting. Colored vessel sinks. These are usually in the form of concrete so color is integrated within the body of the entire sink. This gives you added flexibility and opportunity for pops of color.

5. Low Cost But Fun Flooring

Get creative with cost effective flooring! Use what you have and create a work of art on the floor. The example below is simple, basic, 1 x 1 tile incorporating random shapes in different colors. Dal Tile is my go to manufacturer for these.

6. Textured Backsplash

Rustic or polished a textured backsplash will add interest, shadows and depth to your bathroom. With a multitude of options finding an option for this bathroom design idea will be simple and easy. You can start with Floor and Decor, my go to for cost effective tile. They keep up on trends and have great customer service and many locations across the US.

7. Flora and Fauna

One of my favorite bathroom design ideas is bringing in the outdoors indoors with plants. Incorporating plants in your bathroom just makes sense given that plants need light and naturally occurring moisture to thrive. Plants are a living thing that make humans happy. End of story.

Thank you…

Thank you for spending time here today! Because this is a “living” list in which I strive to include the latest and greatest bathroom design ideas (along with some timeless examples) for you, it will be updated weekly. If you’re a busy person like me, I can send you a gentle reminder, so you don’t even have to lift a finger or think about it. Just leave me your email here and let me know. Take care friend…My best,

xoxo Lisette

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