How To Hang Bamboo Curtains Like An Interior Designer

bamboo curtains in the kitchen

If you ever have moved into a new home or apartment, you were probably surprised how “naked”  you felt with nothing on the windows. In this article, learn how to properly hang bamboo curtains in your space easily and simply. I will cover how to hang bamboo curtains as the sole element for basic privacy and light control as well as tips on taking the extra step to create a layered effect with fabric curtains to achieve a higher end designer look.

What exactly is bamboo and why is it a great choice to use in your home?

Get ready to get your mind blown. Bamboo used for bamboo curtains and other products is technically a grass. Yes it’s grass. Obviously a very robust and tall grass! The wonderful thing about bamboo is that when it is cut it will continue to grow, making it one of the most renewable and sustainable natural resources on our precious earth. If you have ever seen it in the wild, you will understand just how tall and strong it is. There are many products being manufactured using bamboo but we will be focusing on bamboo curtains today. 

Because bamboo is so sustainable, choosing bamboo curtains for your windows is an easy and budget friendly step in the right direction if you are looking to make greener and more sustainable choices to minimize environmental impact. Once installed not only do they provide privacy and light control, they bring a beautiful organic warmth to your space. Win win win!

Know parts to a window to help hang bamboo curtains:

The world of windows can be an overwhelming and confusing place as they are offered in many different styles with lots of moving parts. Here is a basic breakdown of the parts of a basic window to assist you in hanging your bamboo curtains:

bamboo curtains

1. Measuring For Bamboo Curtains

Before you even start looking for bamboo curtains, always, always, always measure the inside of your windows first. Like with a measuring tape. Do not eyeball this. Trust me! This will be the minimum square foot area you need to cover for standard, basic light control and privacy. I went ahead and created a quick guide below to help.

bamboo shades

Those needed dimensions for just shades are in neon green. If you are opting to add fabric curtains to create that model home look layered over the bamboo curtains, that will require just a few more measurements and those are in red.

2. Research and Procure Different Styles of Bamboo Curtains

Once you have measured your window(s) to be treated, you are now ready to start shopping for your bamboo curtains! With many more people wanting to start living a more sustainable lifestyle in general, vendors have been quick to create great looking bamboo curtains in many different styles, colors, and shades. Any window treatment can be custom made however, that increases the budget of your project substantially.

Also keep in mind that as with any product made with natural materials, colors and shades may vary. Meaning, what you get delivered, might look a little different that what you saw online. In addition, while it is common to see bamboo curtains hung as an “inside” mounting, if you do not want your window frame showing for whatever reason, go ahead and purchase a wider sized bamboo curtain and mount on the outside.

Side note: A popular and classic home style that showcases bamboo curtains is the timeless beach and coastal style. Here are a few examples of this classic style by: @thelittlegreybungalow and have also included my own to picks to make it even easier.

Top Picks:

layered bamboo shades

Chicology Cordless Bamboo Roman Shade

Key Features

Durable and provides elegant folds that can easily be raised or lowered without a cord.

Gently filter harsh UV rays.

Protects your furniture from fading

Look expensive but budget friendly

bamboo roman shades

Blindster Super Value Cordless Bamboo Woven Wood Shades

Key Features

6” integrated valance hides the wooden headrail and matches the body of the shade.  

Clear integrated control handle on bottom rail used to lift and lower the shade 

Best for Kids™ certification designates this blind as safe for use in homes with young children. 

bamboo roman shades

Arlo Blinds Cordless Tuscan Bamboo Roman Shades Light Filtering Window Blinds

Key Features

  • The innovative cordless lift system ensures safety and ease of use. This Roman style Bamboo Blinds gently filters light into a room.
  • Completely natural and sustainable

3. Time to Hang Your Bamboo Curtains

Once you have measured your window(s) to be treated, have decided upon style and have the physical bamboo curtains, plus a good nights sleep, you are now ready to start the install.  Depending on the style that was purchased inside and outside mount, read the instructions that came with your bamboo curtains and follow to a “T”, or if you are a visual person like me, here are 2 videos tutorials for inside and outside mounting : 

Best advice to hang fabric curtains:

Now if you are going all in with the extra step to layer fabric curtains on top of the bamboo shades, you’re a rockstar! Here are my best tips to achieve that look best:

  • Install the curtain rod as HIGH as you can but leave about 2” from the ceiling to allow for any extra fabric at the top. (details in the guide above)
  • Install the curtain rod holders WIDE, about 10”-12” OUT from the window frame to allow for fabric fullness. That fabric needs to clear the glass lites upon opening. Fair warning this will look way too wide at first but once the fabric is hung you will see what I mean. (details in the guide above)
  • About fabric fullness. Unless you are dressing a very narrow window, one panel you get at Target, Homegoods, or any retail store will not be enough to get 2 for each side.
  • If you live in a hot or sunny climate where you have thermal issues, a black out lined curtain is a god send and they do really help! I live in a 100 year old house with plaster walls in Southern California and this really does help keep it nice and cool.


That’s how easy it that is! Congratulations on your first step with to start living a more sustainable lifestyle in style. Once you get going, you will be unstoppable and you will be thanking your past self for investing in in your self by investing in your home and helping the environment at the same time. Cheers!



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